The Blue Owl is a fusion style cafe located in the beating heart of Downtown Santa Barbara. It’s a destination to experience craft sandwiches, refreshing salads, and creative appetizers in a welcoming atmosphere.

We started off as a nighttime pop-up in Santa Barbara. There weren’t many places to eat after-hours in this small town, so Blue Owl used the neighboring Thai restaurant, Zen Yai, to serve food late at night. With time, the dishes gained love from locals and the demand grew for more service. Eventually, we got our own location and started to serve deliciousness there. As time went by, we had to knock down a wall to expand into the store front next door. Eventually, people wanted more so we offered additional business hours until we arrived where we are today. We now open for lunch and serve food until 8 pm during the week, and continue to keep our reputation serving the weekend warriors until 2:30 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

We choose to categorize ourselves as a fusion restaurant because our food has a twist on classic dishes. Our cheeseburger is infused with green curry sauce and topped with a fried egg. Our salads have sprinkles of mint and Thai basil. We even have a beef sandwich with bleu cheese and caramelized onions. When we say our food is crafty, it’s because eating our food tastes like what the ocean sounds like on a breezy day.